about photo CIRCLE 345xMATT KELLY is an independent journalist whose work is focused on the intersection of natural systems and man-made systems. He is the author and editor of the online publication, The Bee Report. Matt is currently at work on a documentary film and research project about the bees of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Inquiries, tips or ideas for collaboration are welcome. Tweeting @bymattkelly

“Matt is the kind of freelancer editors always hope to work with… He translates science for lay readers without condescending, and is able to use data to support his points, while holding reader interest. Tough to do. His story for us on the drought monitor was widely read by fellow food and science media professionals, who shared it on social — a strong endorsement for the authority he has in writing about how food and environment intersect.”

Kate Cox, The New Food Economy, Editor

01 Kate Cox, The New Food Economy, Editor

“Environmentally conscious, politically astute and ecologically responsible, Matt Kelly is a forward thinking, top notch, professional photographer and writer. Matt captured the dichotomy of profound health inequities amidst our robust agricultural region flawlessly. He captivates his audience with a keen eye and a riveting story. Matt’s work ethic is unparalleled and it’s a privilege to work with him.”

Melissa Wendland, Common Ground Health, Director of Strategic Initiatives

02 Melissa Wendland Common Ground Health, Director of Strategic Initiatives

“Matt is what I refer to as a ‘VIP’ freelancer. He’s the one you can rely on to take initiative with an assignment and also give his own input throughout the process. He’s an expert with story pitches and has his finger on the regional pulse, especially when it comes to agricultural/organic topics… Matt is the ideal editorial team member, really, and I enthusiastically recommend him as a writer, photographer, and collaborator.”

Leah Stacy, Boomtown Table, Co-founder and Editor-in-chief

03 Leah Stacy Boomtown Table, Co-founder and Editor-in-chief

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